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Access the Care You Need With Our In-Home Physiotherapy Services for Houses & Condos

Are you suffering from physical pain that’s causing your health to decline, but you have limited time to fix it? Take advantage of our physiotherapy service for houses and condos, tailored for patients struggling to find the time to attend a clinic in person.


Get access to the treatment you deserve in your residence in North York, whether you live in a large house in the suburbs or a condominium in the heart of Etobicoke or Downtown Toronto. Save yourself the time and let us come to you.


Our licensed physiotherapists are here to help with your recovery in the comfort of your own home. Some of the solutions we offer include elderly health and support, neurological assistance, surgical aftercare, orthopaedic therapy, pelvic floor rehabilitation and much more.

What's Home-Based Physiotherapy?

Home-based physiotherapy is a form of private physical therapy in the confines of your own property with the help of an experienced practitioner.


Instead of going to a clinic, a physiotherapist goes to your house or condo to help you on your recovery journey. They put you through an assessment and develop a plan to get you back to your former self based on your condition and current health.

What's the Procedure for Getting Physiotherapy at Home?

Before your treatment at home physio can begin, our team will need to understand the issues you’re facing by conducting an assessment. We’ll go through things like your medical history, lifestyle and exercise schedule to find the root cause of the issue and use it for our plans for your home-based rehab.


This establishes the baseline from which our physiotherapist can now work with moving you forward to help you get back on your feet but coming up with a plan mutually that aligns with your goals. For some, it might only take a couple of weeks, but for others, it could last for months. Regardless of how much time is needed, Get Right Physio will be along with you every step of the way. This is an investment in your health. Pay this health “tax” now versus later because it becomes more expensive in terms of energy, time & money as you get older.


You don’t have to worry about organising any equipment as your physiotherapist will bring everything to your home. They’ll show you how you can use some of your home’s features to stay on top of your treatment plan so you don’t fall behind.

The Benefits of Getting Physio in Your Home

You save time as you don’t have to travel directly to a clinic.
The experience is more comfortable because you’re in a familiar setting.
It’s accessible to everyone, including people in a higher-risk category.
The treatment is highly personalised as the therapist can point out certain features in your environment that you can change to help with your recovery.
It can save you money because you don’t have to spend anything on transportation to and from a clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn’t matter what type of residence you own; we offer physical therapy homecare to all properties. However, more space allows you to have better freedom when it comes to treatment methods.

There’s no age limit on who can purchase our home-based physical therapy packages. We bring our treatments to the homes of patients, young and old, who don’t have the capacity to visit a physio facility.

Each of our patient’s in-home recovery durations is different as it depends on the conditions they’re facing. 


You can book an at-home physical therapy appointment directly through our website to chat with one of our therapists, and they’ll be able to provide you with more information based on your personal health condition.

Book a Physiotherapy Appointment in Your House or Condo Now

Start your physiotherapy journey now with Get Right Physio on your property. You can book an appointment with one of our coordinators, and they’ll go through the initial assessment with you. Within a few days, you’ll be making positive strides in your personal recovery.

Step 1

Contact us at:

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Our intake specialists are waiting to assist you.

Step 2

Let us learn about you:

Speak to our client coordinator so we can understand your unique circumstances to match you with the right therapist to help you reach your goals.

Step 3

Our team comes to you!

We will book you in within 24-48 hours at a time that works best for you. Our therapist shows up at your door with everything needed to get you closer to your health, mobility and client-centred goals!

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*Extended health benefits can be used for in-home physiotherapy

    Thankyou for your kindness and caring care for our loved ones! Kindness these days is very rare and refreshing and very very powerful in healing and prospering! Ara, Claudia,Snehal and Sharon You Rock! All staff were very kind and helpful!! Many thanks and much love and light 💓Molly and Steven 🤘
    Bob Weese
    Bob Weese
    I was very happy with the physiotherapy services and the encouragement I received from Sabrina. She was always punctual and cheerful. The advice and exercises she provided were appropriate for my age and condition and helpful in strengthening my legs and arms.
    Enza Pasquale
    Enza Pasquale
    Thanks you to Get Right Physio and especially Sabrina for getting my 90 year old mother back on her feet after hip replacement surgery. I was very pleased with the company’s professional expertise and for sending us the right therapist for my mother. Sabrina was very kind, knowledgeable and understanding. I would not hesitate to use the company again.
    A Shah
    A Shah
    Claudia was highly professional and had a wealth of knowledge to answer all my questions about pelvic floor health and muscle pain post partum. She was friendly and really took the time to teach me the exercises and go at a pace I was comfortable with. Highly recommended!
    Catherine Leslie
    Catherine Leslie
    Claudia and her team were instrumental in rehabilitating my mom after her stroke. Claudia is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge but she also has a genuine kindness that instantly put my mom at ease. Claudia has a personalized approach, she took the time to understand not just the physical aspects of my mom's condition but also her unique needs and goals. Claudia communicates clearly and prioritized my mom's safety and wellbeing. Her home exercises and practical tips helped to integrate rehabilitation seamlessly into our daily lives. My family and I are grateful for Claudia's hard work with my mom.
    Korice Moir
    Korice Moir
    Claudia is a wonderful physiotherapist. You are in good hands here!
    Chito Wong
    Chito Wong
    Amazing service and very meticulous in making sure that client is comfortable and understands the exercises.
    Ann Bank
    Ann Bank
    I have experienced many physiotherapy clinics over the years and found the treatments I received from Get Right physiotherapist Izabela to be top notch. I especially liked that she came to my home to give them.
    Michael Falagario
    Michael Falagario
    My wife used their in-house services. She felt very comfortable with Claudia, and was really happy with her overall results through physiotherapy. The fact that she came to us was a big bonus! Highly recommend!
    Karen Young
    Karen Young
    The quality, responsiveness and kindness of Claudia’s team is outstanding.