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Physiotherapy for Stroke Patients

Recover From a Stroke Through High-Quality Physical Therapy

Have you recently suffered from a stroke? Although strokes can sometimes lead to cognitive, muscular, and mobility issues, survivors today have a better chance than ever to make a steady recovery.


Physiotherapy is an important tool that can help combat these side effects. With the correct exercises and techniques, patients can regain their muscle function, improve mobility, and enhance coordination, allowing survivors to reestablish their independence and confidence. 


Schedule an appointment with one of our highly qualified physiotherapists and begin your personalized recovery plan, crafted to improve your balance, strength, and mobility after a stroke.

What Is a Stroke?

A stroke occurs as a result of a blocked or ruptured artery disrupting the blood supply to the brain. In such instances, clients may present with a range of symptoms, including an inability to walk, speak, or think clearly and numbness of the face, arm, or leg.


Strokes are especially prevalent in older adults, with the risk increasing each year for those over 55, and they can lead to reduced mobility, limited coordination, confusion, and difficulty speaking, among other side effects. 


Clot-busting medication is usually the first step in a stroke client’s treatment, followed by physiotherapy to restore both physical capabilities and mental well-being.

How Do We Treat Strokes Through Physio?

Typically, stroke clients will be given emergency and preventative treatment by a doctor before starting a rehabilitation plan to ease the transition from the hospital to their home. Though the techniques you’ll learn will help kickstart your recuperation, working with a certified physiotherapist from Get Right Physio and adopting an individualized set of exercises will give you the best chance at fully recovering.


After you’ve returned home from the hospital, you should make an appointment for an initial assessment with one of our skilled therapists as soon as you’re able to. This exam will include a range of checks, including examining your balance, ability to move, and level of pain, to see how much the stroke has physically affected you.


Based on the results, your therapist will develop a rehabilitation roadmap catered to your needs that will help your body heal over time. Each treatment plan focuses on restoring your coordination, motor skills, and mobility to allow you to rebuild your ability to move freely and complete routine activities.


The primary objectives of your post-stroke physiotherapy will be to:


  • Enhance mobility
  • Restore coordination
  • Develop strength and muscle function
  • Reduce pain

Benefits of Physio for Stroke Patients

To lessen the long-term impact of a stroke, it’s vital to begin following a tailored programme of exercises as soon as you return home from the hospital. Below are just some of the benefits of starting rehab after a stroke:

  • Physiotherapy is key to helping stroke clients regain their independence. Since strokes can leave you with weak muscles, numbness, and even paralysis, your ability to move and carry out simple tasks can be significantly impacted. Through various strength training exercises, physiotherapy can help make your everyday activities achievable again, giving you more freedom.
  • It’s common for clients to experience pain due to muscle stiffness post-stroke, which often affects arms and hands in particular. Our therapists use a combination of treatments and strategies to improve the spasticity of muscles, which in turn eases pain.
  • Swallowing and speech can be difficult for clients following a stroke, and physiotherapists will equip you with exercises to target muscles near your mouth, neck, and jaw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Physiotherapy is recommended for clients at various stages of stroke recovery, though the techniques used and desired outcomes can vary depending on the client’s specific needs.


At Get Right Physio, we strive to create programmes geared towards each individual, as early treatments will focus on preventing long-term damage and pain while, further along the line, clients will work on exercises to make day-to-day tasks and activities manageable.

The exercises used to treat clients who’ve suffered a stroke are wide-ranging and can differ among individuals. After you’ve had a consultation with one of our therapists at Get Right Physio, you’ll begin working on a rehabilitation programme with select exercises that are best suited to you and your stage of recovery.


Some common exercises include:


  • Legs: knee extensions, seated marches, toe raises
  • Arms: bicep curls, pushing movements, pulling movements
  • Hands and wrists: wrist extension, wrist curls, gripping and releasing
  • Core: toe taps, seated trunk twists, trunk circles

When it comes to starting post-stroke physiotherapy, we at Get Right Physio believe that the sooner you begin treatment, the better. 


Depending on your condition, you can start physiotherapy as early as 24 hours after a stroke, initially focusing on gentle movements that gradually increase in intensity over time. As is often the case with physiotherapy for stroke patients, different exercises will be suited to each client.

At Get Right Physio, we understand that there are a multitude of reasons why clients may want to make use  of at-home physiotherapy. As such, our clients in the wider Toronto area have the option of undergoing physiotherapy in the comfort of their own homes and condos.

Better yet, if you require a consultation or session with one of our therapists before getting discharged, Get Right Physio also provides hospital visits where needed.

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With our extensive knowledge of effective techniques and strategies, you’ll restore your mobility, reestablish your coordination, and rebuild your muscle strength and function after having a stroke.

Schedule a consultation with one of our licensed physiotherapists today and take the first steps on your road to recovery from a stroke with the support and expertise of the Get Right Physio team.

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    Thankyou for your kindness and caring care for our loved ones! Kindness these days is very rare and refreshing and very very powerful in healing and prospering! Ara, Claudia,Snehal and Sharon You Rock! All staff were very kind and helpful!! Many thanks and much love and light 💓Molly and Steven 🤘
    Bob Weese
    Bob Weese
    I was very happy with the physiotherapy services and the encouragement I received from Sabrina. She was always punctual and cheerful. The advice and exercises she provided were appropriate for my age and condition and helpful in strengthening my legs and arms.
    Enza Pasquale
    Enza Pasquale
    Thanks you to Get Right Physio and especially Sabrina for getting my 90 year old mother back on her feet after hip replacement surgery. I was very pleased with the company’s professional expertise and for sending us the right therapist for my mother. Sabrina was very kind, knowledgeable and understanding. I would not hesitate to use the company again.
    A Shah
    A Shah
    Claudia was highly professional and had a wealth of knowledge to answer all my questions about pelvic floor health and muscle pain post partum. She was friendly and really took the time to teach me the exercises and go at a pace I was comfortable with. Highly recommended!
    Catherine Leslie
    Catherine Leslie
    Claudia and her team were instrumental in rehabilitating my mom after her stroke. Claudia is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge but she also has a genuine kindness that instantly put my mom at ease. Claudia has a personalized approach, she took the time to understand not just the physical aspects of my mom's condition but also her unique needs and goals. Claudia communicates clearly and prioritized my mom's safety and wellbeing. Her home exercises and practical tips helped to integrate rehabilitation seamlessly into our daily lives. My family and I are grateful for Claudia's hard work with my mom.
    Korice Moir
    Korice Moir
    Claudia is a wonderful physiotherapist. You are in good hands here!
    Chito Wong
    Chito Wong
    Amazing service and very meticulous in making sure that client is comfortable and understands the exercises.
    Ann Bank
    Ann Bank
    I have experienced many physiotherapy clinics over the years and found the treatments I received from Get Right physiotherapist Izabela to be top notch. I especially liked that she came to my home to give them.
    Michael Falagario
    Michael Falagario
    My wife used their in-house services. She felt very comfortable with Claudia, and was really happy with her overall results through physiotherapy. The fact that she came to us was a big bonus! Highly recommend!
    Karen Young
    Karen Young
    The quality, responsiveness and kindness of Claudia’s team is outstanding.