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If you’ve recently been diagnosed with prolapse, you’ll know it’s a painful, uncomfortable, and all-too-common condition. Though it tends to affect women primarily, men can also suffer from certain types of prolapse, such as rectal prolapse.


By attending regular physiotherapy sessions at your house or condo, you can work with a professional therapist to curtail your symptoms and minimize this condition’s impact on your day-to-day life. 


Set up a consultation with one of our proficient therapists at Get Right Physio in the the General Toronto Area (GTA) & surrounding areas and get your life back on track with individualized pelvic floor physiotherapy.

What Is Prolapse?

Prolapse is a condition in which one or more of your pelvic organs move out of place and descend onto the genital area. Such organs include the uterus, bladder, and bowel, which can fall out of position as a result of weak pelvic floor muscles. Constipation, hormonal changes, and obesity can lead to prolapse, though childbirth and pregnancy are among the most common causes.


Some of the most prevalent symptoms that clients present include a visible or palpable bulge near the genitals, a feeling of heaviness in your lower abdomen, aches or pains in your pelvic area, difficulties with bladder and bowel movements, and pain during intercourse.

How Can Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Be Used to Treated Prolapse?

If you’re suffering any of the above symptoms and suspect prolapse may be the cause, you should immediately visit your doctor, who can give you an official diagnosis. Depending on the severity of the prolapse, your doctor may suggest some simple lifestyle changes, though many clients will need to consider pelvic floor physiotherapy. 


Clients requiring physiotherapy can make an appointment with one of the therapists at Get Right Physio, during which they’ll undergo a series of tests. This can include internal and external examinations to assess the extent of the prolapse and the strength of the muscles along the pelvic floor. 


After completing your assessments, your therapist will use the results to put together a specific treatment plan. This plan will typically consist of pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the muscles, techniques to help with proper posture and practical lifestyle changes you can implement.


Pelvic floor therapy physiotherapy is typically undertaken with the following goals in mind:


  • Enhance the strength and function of pelvic floor muscles
  • Improve the coordination of pelvic floor muscles
  • Alleviate urinary and bowel incontinence
  • Reduce pain and discomfort

Benefits of Pelvic Floor Physio for Prolapse

Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help clients lessen the impact of prolapse on their lives by limiting symptoms and providing surgery-free treatment. Some of the primary benefits of pelvic floor physiotherapy for clients with prolapse include the following:

As the pelvic floor increases in strength and endurance, the pressure on these muscles eases, and the associated pain lessens. Over time, this allows clients to experience a better quality of life and makes everyday activities more achievable and enjoyable.

The side effects of weakened pelvic floor muscles become much more manageable with physiotherapy, and, in some cases, they can even subside entirely. With the proper techniques, the likes of bladder control and sexual function can be restored.

Physiotherapy plays a pivotal role in preventing prolapse from progressing further. Without sufficient physiotherapy, your symptoms may become increasingly prominent and cause you a great deal of discomfort. With early intervention, you can potentially stop the development of incontinence and intense pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although you’ll need to visit a medical professional to tell for sure if you’re dealing with pelvic organ prolapse, identifying with any or several of the main symptoms can often be an important indicator.


Even if you only notice one of the symptoms, it’s imperative that you make an appointment with your doctor for a comprehensive evaluation.

There are a range of pelvic floor exercises that you’ll work through with your therapist based on your specific needs. Some examples of the most common and effective exercises that may be built into your treatment programme include:


  • Pelvic tilts
  • Glute bridges
  • Squats
  • Bird dogs

A medical professional will evaluate whether pelvic floor physiotherapy is a suitable option for you based on the type and severity of your prolapse.


For most clients, physiotherapy plays a leading role in their treatment plan and is often encouraged alongside lifestyle changes for optimum results. 


In some instances, your doctor or physiotherapist may feel that physiotherapy is not the most appropriate treatment for you, and alternative approaches can be considered. This is usually a result of other factors, including your overall health and underlying conditions.

Physiotherapy is among the best and most successful ways of reducing pain associated with pelvic organ prolapse. Throughout your sessions, you’ll complete various exercises that strengthen and coordinate your pelvic floor muscles. 


As these muscles become more robust, the pressure around your genital area will begin to ease, resulting in reduced pain and discomfort.


Some clients may require additional pain relief treatments along with physiotherapy, such as anti-inflammatories, pessaries, topical creams, or hot or cold therapies.

Bounce Back From Prolapse in No Time With Personalized Physiotherapy Sessions

After receiving a prolapse diagnosis, your best course of action is to seek out a quality physiotherapist who can accurately assess your symptoms. From here, your therapist will create a personalized treatment programme to lessen this condition’s impact on your everyday life.


At Get Right Physio, our line-up of qualified physiotherapists are experienced in working with clients in the Greater Toronto Area just like you and are experts at decreasing prolapse symptoms to allow you to enjoy the best quality of life possible.


Tackle your prolapse with the support of a dedicated therapist by signing up for a consultation with a member of the Get Right Physio team today.

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