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Private Physiotherapy for Seniors In Long-Term Care & Retirement Homes

Secure Private Physiotherapy Access as a Senior in Your Long-Term Care & Retirement Home

As life goes on, some people find themselves residing in long-term care facilities and retirement homes. Staying on top of our well-being through exercise as seniors in these accommodation types is essential for a happy, meaningful life. One of the best ways to do this is by getting access to private physiotherapy.


We bring our private physiotherapy services to long-term care facilities and retirement homes in the greater Toronto area. Whether you’re managing a chronic condition or dealing with the changes that come with old age, Get Right Physio will come to help you out.


If you’re a senior seeking rehabilitation, you can chat with a member of our dedicated team of experienced physiotherapists, kinesologists/PTAs, and massage therapists today. We can set you up and come to your long-term care facility and retirement home as soon as possible.

What's Private Physiotherapy?

Private physiotherapy is like normal physiotherapy; the only difference is the client works one-on-one with the therapist rather than doing so in a group setting. The objective remains the same: aiding the client in finding relief from pain or discomfort resulting from a severe injury or chronic illness.

When to See a Physiotherapist as a Senior

There are certain warning signs that you or a loved one may need to seek the attention of a physiotherapist. Some of these include:

How to Get Started as a Senior With Our Private Physiotherapy Services in Your Long-Term Care & Retirement Home

If you’ve decided as a senior that you want to book a session with a private physiotherapist in your long-term care and retirement home, you should contact Get Right Physio immediately.

You can book a private consultation with one of our physiotherapists, who will have a chat with you to learn more about why you want to start physiotherapy. Additionally, they’ll ask you some questions about where the long-term care or retirement home is situated so they can craft your rehabilitation plan accordingly.

As soon as you’ve provided all the necessary information, your physiotherapist will book you in for a session within 24 to 48 hours so you both can start paving your way to recovery together. 

You can book as many appointments as you like with your physiotherapist; there’s no set limit on the number of sessions you take, whether you want to see them once a month or twice a week. It’s important as a senior to take things slower to make sure you recover properly. The therapist will be able to give you guidance on how many sessions you should be taking at the start based on your condition.

Types of Physio we Provide for Seniors in Long-Term Care & Retirement Home

We tailor our physio services for seniors in their long-term care & retirement homes to their requirements. There’s no one-size-fits-all with recovery for elderly people; everyone’s body and condition are different. 


Below, you can find some of our private senior offerings:

How Seniors Benefit From Private Physical Therapy in Their Long-Term Care & Retirement Home

The risks of not looking after ourselves and keeping our bodies moving as seniors are well documented, from heart disease to diabetes. Luckily, private physiotherapy as a senior drastically decreases your chances of getting any of these illnesses or managing the symptoms that come with them. 


Not only that, but you can also get the following physio benefits for seniors if you sign yourself up for our long-term care & retirement home services:

Frequently Asked Questions

Overall, we offer private physio in three settings: long-term care & retirement homes, houses & condos, and hospitals. 


Compared to the other two options, seniors benefit from our long-term care and retirement home physio services because they can be incorporated into the daily plan set by their nurses and fall in line with their routine. For example, say there was a change in dinner time at the care facility, resulting in one of your session times changing; the nurse could contact your physiotherapist to rearrange the class for you.

We don’t have any restrictions on who can book a physio session with us. For each of our clients, we create a specific systematic plan to better the person’s condition, improve their health and provide them with the effective pain relief they need.

Our sessions with clients are usually always 60-minutes, but on a case-by-case basis, we can adjust accordingly as we’ve found that 60-minutes is a good window of time.  This includes time for both the therapist & client to continue to build rapport, for the therapist to provide education, treatment & go through any exercises.  

Schedule a Physiotherapy Class at Your Long-Term Care and Retirement Home With Us

Today is the day you can start your physiotherapy journey as a senior living in long-term care and retirement homes. We’ll take our services to you, ensuring you receive personalized and expert care in the comfort of your familiar environment.


The team at Get Right Physio has been assembled with an experienced group of physiotherapists with decades of experience between them. They’ve worked with seniors throughout Toronto to help them reach their treatment goals.


You can speak to one of our specialists now by booking a slot over at our appointments page.

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Our team comes to you!

We will book you in within 24-48 hours at a time that works best for you. Our therapist shows up at your door with everything needed to get you closer to your health, mobility and client-centred goals!

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*Extended health benefits can be used for in-home physiotherapy

    Thankyou for your kindness and caring care for our loved ones! Kindness these days is very rare and refreshing and very very powerful in healing and prospering! Ara, Claudia,Snehal and Sharon You Rock! All staff were very kind and helpful!! Many thanks and much love and light 💓Molly and Steven 🤘
    Bob Weese
    Bob Weese
    I was very happy with the physiotherapy services and the encouragement I received from Sabrina. She was always punctual and cheerful. The advice and exercises she provided were appropriate for my age and condition and helpful in strengthening my legs and arms.
    Enza Pasquale
    Enza Pasquale
    Thanks you to Get Right Physio and especially Sabrina for getting my 90 year old mother back on her feet after hip replacement surgery. I was very pleased with the company’s professional expertise and for sending us the right therapist for my mother. Sabrina was very kind, knowledgeable and understanding. I would not hesitate to use the company again.
    A Shah
    A Shah
    Claudia was highly professional and had a wealth of knowledge to answer all my questions about pelvic floor health and muscle pain post partum. She was friendly and really took the time to teach me the exercises and go at a pace I was comfortable with. Highly recommended!
    Catherine Leslie
    Catherine Leslie
    Claudia and her team were instrumental in rehabilitating my mom after her stroke. Claudia is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge but she also has a genuine kindness that instantly put my mom at ease. Claudia has a personalized approach, she took the time to understand not just the physical aspects of my mom's condition but also her unique needs and goals. Claudia communicates clearly and prioritized my mom's safety and wellbeing. Her home exercises and practical tips helped to integrate rehabilitation seamlessly into our daily lives. My family and I are grateful for Claudia's hard work with my mom.
    Korice Moir
    Korice Moir
    Claudia is a wonderful physiotherapist. You are in good hands here!
    Chito Wong
    Chito Wong
    Amazing service and very meticulous in making sure that client is comfortable and understands the exercises.
    Ann Bank
    Ann Bank
    I have experienced many physiotherapy clinics over the years and found the treatments I received from Get Right physiotherapist Izabela to be top notch. I especially liked that she came to my home to give them.
    Michael Falagario
    Michael Falagario
    My wife used their in-house services. She felt very comfortable with Claudia, and was really happy with her overall results through physiotherapy. The fact that she came to us was a big bonus! Highly recommend!
    Karen Young
    Karen Young
    The quality, responsiveness and kindness of Claudia’s team is outstanding.