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Exercise Classes For Seniors

Let the People in Your Senior Home Achieve Their Health and Fitness Goals With Our Exercise Classes for Seniors

Unfortunately, when we get older and our bodies start to age, we become less motivated to exercise because we lose our strength and muscle. But this shouldn’t be the case; physical activity should be at the forefront of everyone’s weekly routine, especially when you’re a senior. It’s the number one fighting force against diseases and health problems we’re all susceptible to when we reach a certain age.



The best way for the people in your care home or community organization to stay on top of their fitness routine is by giving them the chance to join one of our exercise classes for seniors. Allow us to help the people in your care home hit their fitness goals and keep themselves physically and mentally healthy in the later stages of their lives.



All of our classes are designed and hosted by our qualified team of physical therapists, who will help attendees add some useful new exercises to their physiotherapy routine. Attendees will learn how to build strength and mobility, so they better manage and improve any injuries or health conditions they may have.


There’s no better time than now for seniors to join an exercise class and start looking after themselves!

How Do Get Right Physio's Exercise Classes Work?

Our exercise classes offer seniors the opportunity to get fitter and recover from a pain that just keeps on coming back, recent surgery or a loss of flexibility.

We host group classes focusing on rehabilitating our clients throughout the week. Each class is supervised by a member of our physio team who will teach them the best exercises to build strong muscles, improve their movement and balance, and help them deal with joint conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

These fitness classes are available to book directly through us. Once a booking is made and a date is set, we’ll send a member of our physio team to your premises to teach those living there or a part of the group the best exercises that will improve their fitness and well-being.

What Exercise Classes for Seniors Does Get Right Physio Offer?

We offer a variety of exercise classes to suit all levels of fitness, but the main goal isn’t about pushing seniors to their limits; it’s about getting their bodies moving and giving them a sense of community, all while learning from an expert therapist.

How to Book One of Our Exercise Classes for Seniors

Our exercise classes for seniors can be booked directly by contacting us. Email us or book through our “Book An Appointment” page.


We will work with you as the home or organization to set up the class, while relying on you to bring us residents interested in participating.

What Benefits Will Attendees Get From Attending Our Exercise Classes for Seniors?

Exercising, in general, comes with its fair share of benefits, but when someone exercises in a group setting with the help of a physiotherapist, the benefits go beyond the individual impact of exercise.


Here are some of the benefits of our exercise classes for seniors:

Attendees will learn how to exercise properly, which will help them to recover from and prevent further injuries.

Attendees will be held accountable because they’ll always be forced to stay on top of their routines.

Attendees get to socialize with other seniors and make new friends.

If someone is suffering from a condition like arthritis or COPD, exercising can help weaken their symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we don’t have any specific requirements for people joining our senior exercise classes. The goal is to improve the participants’ fitness and overall health, not to test them.

Our exercise classes are available to be held at your senior home or community group meeting location. On the day of your booking, we’ll send one of our instructors to your premises, and they’ll perform the class for the seniors who have signed up for it.

While every physiotherapist that controls our fitness classes will have their own regimen for the participants, some sample exercises that attendees can expect include:


  • Wall pushups
  • Shoulder blade squeezes
  • Hip rotations
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Neck stretches
  • Toe taps
  • Heel raises
  • Knee lifts
  • Ankle rotations

Absolutely, attendees don’t have to know any specific types of exercises to join one of our classes. An experienced physiotherapist will be there the whole time, conducting the class and showing the entire group the best fitness drills to do and how they can do them in their own time to stay at peak levels of fitness.

These classes can only be booked once at a time. If you’d like to make the elderly exercise classes a long-term arrangement, you can contact our team for more details.

No, all the equipment attendees need to carry out the exercises in the fitness programme will be provided by our therapist. However, attendees should always bring plenty of water and a sweat towel to have by their side during your class.

Book One of Our Exercise Class Packages for Seniors to Help Those in Your Senior Home Enjoy A Healthier Lifestyle

Bring seniors together in your community today and give them the opportunity to exercise with each other and hit their fitness milestones.


We understand that seniors in retirement communities may not have the opportunity to travel for physio, so instead, we’ll come to them. 


Email us or book through our Appointment page for more details regarding our exercise classes for seniors.\

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    Thankyou for your kindness and caring care for our loved ones! Kindness these days is very rare and refreshing and very very powerful in healing and prospering! Ara, Claudia,Snehal and Sharon You Rock! All staff were very kind and helpful!! Many thanks and much love and light 💓Molly and Steven 🤘
    Bob Weese
    Bob Weese
    I was very happy with the physiotherapy services and the encouragement I received from Sabrina. She was always punctual and cheerful. The advice and exercises she provided were appropriate for my age and condition and helpful in strengthening my legs and arms.
    Enza Pasquale
    Enza Pasquale
    Thanks you to Get Right Physio and especially Sabrina for getting my 90 year old mother back on her feet after hip replacement surgery. I was very pleased with the company’s professional expertise and for sending us the right therapist for my mother. Sabrina was very kind, knowledgeable and understanding. I would not hesitate to use the company again.
    A Shah
    A Shah
    Claudia was highly professional and had a wealth of knowledge to answer all my questions about pelvic floor health and muscle pain post partum. She was friendly and really took the time to teach me the exercises and go at a pace I was comfortable with. Highly recommended!
    Catherine Leslie
    Catherine Leslie
    Claudia and her team were instrumental in rehabilitating my mom after her stroke. Claudia is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge but she also has a genuine kindness that instantly put my mom at ease. Claudia has a personalized approach, she took the time to understand not just the physical aspects of my mom's condition but also her unique needs and goals. Claudia communicates clearly and prioritized my mom's safety and wellbeing. Her home exercises and practical tips helped to integrate rehabilitation seamlessly into our daily lives. My family and I are grateful for Claudia's hard work with my mom.
    Korice Moir
    Korice Moir
    Claudia is a wonderful physiotherapist. You are in good hands here!
    Chito Wong
    Chito Wong
    Amazing service and very meticulous in making sure that client is comfortable and understands the exercises.
    Ann Bank
    Ann Bank
    I have experienced many physiotherapy clinics over the years and found the treatments I received from Get Right physiotherapist Izabela to be top notch. I especially liked that she came to my home to give them.
    Michael Falagario
    Michael Falagario
    My wife used their in-house services. She felt very comfortable with Claudia, and was really happy with her overall results through physiotherapy. The fact that she came to us was a big bonus! Highly recommend!
    Karen Young
    Karen Young
    The quality, responsiveness and kindness of Claudia’s team is outstanding.