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Pre & Post Surgery Care (For Senior & Aging Care)

Boost Your Recovery Through our Pre and Post Physiotherapy

Adequately preparing for recuperating from surgery is important for patients of all ages, but particularly for older clients who may face additional complications and a slower recuperation period.


Attending physiotherapy with Get Right Physio before and after your upcoming surgery will ensure you’re in the best position possible to facilitate a successful and steady recovery. Our line-up of skilled therapists will be on hand to provide support and care throughout the entire process.


If you’re feeling apprehensive about your approaching surgery, schedule an appointment with one of our therapists, who will put together a pre and post-operation programme to put your mind at ease.

What Is Pre- And Post-operative Care for Seniors?

Pre-surgery care refers to any preparation in advance of an operation, and it plays a pivotal role in minimizing the risk of side effects for senior patients.


Usually, post-surgery care takes place in the weeks and months following a procedure and aims to accelerate recovery and treat any unwanted ramifications that result.

The nature and purpose of the surgery will dictate what each pre and post-surgery session entails, and some of the most common operations older clients undergo include hip replacements, knee replacements, coronary artery bypasses, and gallbladder removals.

How Do We Treat Seniors With Physiotherapy for Pre and Post-surgery?

When you’ve been informed of the date of your forthcoming surgery, you should consider consulting Get Right Physio around 4-6 weeks beforehand. Similarly, as long as you have a set date for your operation, you can also begin planning your post-operative care.


Prior to commencing your pre-surgery physical therapy, you can discuss the type of operation you’re undergoing with one of our therapists. During this meeting, your therapist will carry out multiple assessments to check the likes of your cardiovascular health, respiratory function, muscular strength, and all-around physical condition.


At this stage, you may also begin planning your post-surgery physio with your therapist, though this will need to be revisited and reassessed after your procedure.


Pre-operative practices may include exercises to improve circulation, lessen inflammation, and strengthen muscles. On the other hand, post-surgery physiotherapy may centre on pain management, mobility, and gait training, depending on the procedure involved.


Some of the core objectives of pre and post-surgery physiotherapy for seniors include:


  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Enhancing respiratory function
  • Increasing strength, balance, and flexibility
  • Reducing pain
  • Redeveloping range of motion

Benefits of Pre Operative and Pre Operative Care for Seniors

The main advantage of pre and post-surgery care for aging clients is your increased chances of a complete and smooth recovery.


However, there are several other benefits, which include the following:


  • Seniors who attend pre-operation physiotherapy enter into surgery in the best shape possible and often require a reduced and more straightforward post-surgery rehab. For many clients, their recovery process is accelerated, having undergone adequate preparation through physiotherapy before their procedure.
  • Surgery can take a mental toll on people of any age, and elderly clients tend to feel especially vulnerable and anxious in the lead-up to an operation. With the support of a therapist, you can have an easy mind knowing you’re in good physical condition going into the surgery while also understanding what lies ahead as you recuperate.
  • Your therapist will work with you to build up your muscle strength and tone during your pre-op sessions. As muscles can lose mass and deteriorate quite quickly if not used, activating them as early as you can after your surgery will ensure your muscles stay strong. Developing your muscles in advance gives you the greatest likelihood of doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon you’ll need to start pre-surgery physiotherapy will depend on the type of procedure you’re undergoing. For many clients, weekly sessions for 6-8 weeks prior are highly beneficial, while others may require more or less preparation time. Book your initial consultation well in advance, and your therapist will formulate a suitable timeframe based on your needs.

The type of surgery you have planned will dictate the most effective and age-appropriate exercises that will be of benefit to you during pre-op physiotherapy. Below are a few examples of exercises for common surgeries.


Hip replacement:


  • Strength training ( e.g. leg raises, ankle pumps)
  • Stretches to prevent stiffness (e.g. hip flexor stretch, seated stretch)
  • Mobility exercises (e.g. hip extension, hip bridges)


Coronary artery bypass:


  • Respiratory exercises (e.g. deep breathing)
  • Gentle aerobics (e.g. walking, swimming)
  • Muscle-building for the upper body (e.g. bicep curls, overhead press)

We recommend that senior clients begin post-surgery physiotherapy as soon as it’s safe to do so. Your doctor will confirm when you’re well enough to begin, and clients can often get started within days.


What each session consists of will vary as you recover, but your early post-op meetings with your therapist will likely focus on pain management and low-impact techniques.

There are numerous things aging clients can do to complement their physiotherapy, depending on their general well-being and the recommendations of their therapist. Some of these include:

  • Implementing simple exercises into their daily routine
  • Staying active with gentle movements
  • Sticking to a protein and calcium-rich diet to support muscle and bone strength
  • Using assistive devices like canes or walking frames where necessary to prevent falls
  • Book their physio sessionsin the comfort of their house or condo, hospital, long-term care facility or retirement home.

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