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Get Right Physio offers in-hospital physiotherapy services to our clients throughout the General Toronto Area (GTA) & surrounding areas. We work with long-term patients who are forced to stay put in their local hospital for extended periods of time; if that’s you, we’re here to help!


Our physiotherapists assist both inpatients and outpatients in hospitals suffering from a range of medical issues, including:


Get Right Physio’s specialised team of licensed physiotherapists works directly with hospital patients. Whether you’re in a state of weakness (due to a recent sickness or surgery) or not allowed to leave the hospital, you don’t have to worry because a member of our team will come to you. We will work tirelessly with families to assist their loved ones, who are often not getting enough physio to meet their specific needs or goals in terms of how fast they want to get out of the hospital.


Cut out the stress of long waiting lists to get an appointment with an in-hospital physiotherapist and, instead, book one with Get Right Physio today.

What Does Physiotherapy in Hospitals Involve?

With our in-hospital physiotherapy service, we bring our therapists to you. Rather than you (or your loved one) in the hospital having to wait until they get discharged to get help at a physical clinic, a practitioner member of our team will visit you in your local hospital for your physio sessions.


You can have peace of mind knowing that one of our therapists will perform everything onsite at the hospital (in your room), including the initial assessment to determine your overall health as well as the physiotherapy classes.  While seamlessly before your first appointment is set, our administrative team will help you navigate the paperwork (if required) for our team to be allowed on-site.  Different hospitals have different rules.

How Does Physiotherapy in a Hospital Work?

All of our physiotherapy services begin with an initial assessment, which you can book through our website.


We carry out initial assessments to get a better idea of your condition, overall fitness, and ability so your therapist can put together a customised plan tailored to your health issues.


The therapist will speak to your nurses, occupational therapists, hospital physiotherapists and other healthcare providers for more information about your physical state. This way, they’ll get a clear understanding of what you’re going through and begin putting together a weekly schedule for you to address the root cause of your problems and restore your health.


All of your physiotherapy sessions will take place in your hospital. The therapist will work with the hospital staff  to arrange a place on the grounds for your sessions and all the necessary equipment for each session.


On the days you don’t have a session with our therapist, make sure that the hospital on-site gives you time to stay on top of your exercises so you keep up with your recovery plan. Remember, consistency is the key to success!

Why You Should Choose Our Hospital Physiotherapy Service?

Getting seen by a physical therapist provider in a hospital is a win-win for our clients for the following reasons:

We come to you so you don’t have to stress about organising transport or getting permission from the hospital to leave.

Your medical files will always be on-site, so if your therapist needs any additional information, they can just ask your physiotherapist you worked with in the hospital.

Your family members can assist you with everything to do with your appointments, including booking them and finding you space for each session.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the key benefits of our physiotherapy service in hospitals is how well it’s integrated with your patient care plan. From the moment we conduct your initial assessment, your therapist and hospital physio will be collaborating to get the best possible results from your treatment.


The therapist and your hospital physio will go through your file with all the information they’ve got about your condition from the moment you were first admitted into the hospital. With that, they’ll work together to develop your exercise plan to get you back on your feet.


During your physio rehabilitation, your hospital physio and therapist can decide together when the appropriate times are for you to do your sessions since your physiotherapist in your hospital will know your upcoming schedule for the week ahead. 

Get Right Physio offers all of our physiotherapy services in hospitals, like our packages for homes & condos and long-term care & retirement homes. These services include:

  • Senior and ageing care
  • Neurological assistance
  • Surgical aftercare
  • Orthopaedic therapy
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation

Yes, we can still continue to work with our clients even after they’re discharged from hospital. When you’re back at home, you can book sessions with your physiotherapist that suit your schedule.

Not at all. As long as your hospital physio allows you to do your physiotherapy sessions within the hospital, that’s all we need. 


Even if you’ve been discharged and are still an outpatient, we can still perform your sessions in the hospital with your hospital physio’s permission.

Yes, your therapist will provide you with additional exercises to do when they’re not there. You’ll be shown how to do some physical activities in your own time that your therapist thinks you can do alone.


They’ll collaborate with your hospital physio to ensure you’ve time to do them to speed up the recovery process and help you heal efficiently.

It depends on your condition. Some of our clients only need physio in hospital for a few weeks, but others opt to have it for months. The therapist will decide how you get on with the initial plan they set for you, and if they feel you need more time, they’ll let you know.  However, this is always a collaboration between our therapist team & our clients because usually the faster you want to see results, usually means having the frequency of your sessions per week increased.

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