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Physiotherapy for Post-op Care for Knee Replacement Surgeries

Let Get Right Physio Put You Back on Your Feet After Knee Replacement Surgery

Whether you have painful arthritis or have suffered a substantial injury, knee replacement surgery may be your best chance to lessen pain and restore your ability to move freely. Physiotherapy is the next step to regaining your independence and quality of life. At Get Right Physio, we’re committed to doing just that for those in the Greater Toronto Area.


Through a series of tailor-made physiotherapy sessions, we’ll assist you in improving muscle strength, increasing your tolerance for bearing weight, and maximizing your range of motion after a knee replacement surgery. Coupled with the support and advice of your therapist, the techniques you learn will ensure a steady and successful rehabilitation.


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What Are Knee Replacement Surgeries?

Knee replacement surgeries are common procedures that can be divided into two distinct categories: partial and total knee replacements.


During partial knee replacements, the damaged parts of the knee are replaced with an artificial joint, while total knee replacements see the entire joint replaced, ranging from the bottom portion of the femur to the top section of the shinbone.


Most clients who require knee replacement surgery undergo this operation to reduce pain, enhance their mobility, and improve their overall quality of life. In most cases, artificial knee joints can last for between 15-25 years.  

How Do We Use Physiotherapy to Provide Post-op Care for Clients After Knee Replacement Surgeries?

Physiotherapy is among the most critical aspects of post-op care for clients who’ve gone through knee replacement surgery, and it’s advisable to start treatment as early as your doctor considers you well enough to do so. Your physical therapy may begin while you’re still in the hospital, as you may need to remain under supervision for several days.


Before starting a physiotherapy programme with Get Right Physio, you’ll meet with one of our therapists for an initial consultation. Throughout this first appointment, your therapist will run numerous tests to analyze your range of motion, muscle strength, level of pain, and swelling. Your therapist will then use these findings to design a customized rehabilitation programme.


What your physiotherapy sessions entail will vary as you begin to recover. In the weeks following your surgery, your therapist will focus on treating pain and swelling either in your home or condo before moving on to strength-building, mobility, agility, and gait-training exercises.


The primary objectives of post-op physiotherapy for clients after knee replacement surgery are as follows:


  • Restoring the knee’s full range of movement
  • Strengthening muscles in both the affected and supporting leg
  • Retraining your gait
  • Improving balance and coordination

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Clients After Knee Replacement Surgery

Clients who follow an individualized physiotherapy plan after undergoing knee replacement surgery have the best chance of regaining the full function of their knee. Physical therapy also brings with it the following benefits:

  • Physiotherapy helps reduce the initial swelling post-surgery and is an integral part of pain management. By mobilizing the knee during the early stage of rehabilitation, blood flow is stimulated, and stiffness is gradually alleviated, lessening the post-op pain.
  • By improving strength in both legs, clients can rebuild their ability to move independently and evenly distribute weight between both legs. These improvements serve as stepping stones to gradually establish independence and self-sufficiency.
  • Attending physiotherapy sessions is your best way of preventing complications or related difficulties further down the line. Working with your therapist will help you avoid tissue damage, thrombosis, and infected wounds, and you’ll also learn helpful strategies that can support your rehabilitation at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Post-op physiotherapy can start as soon as your doctor determines you’re ready. You’ll likely begin before you’re discharged from the hospital with an in-house therapist before starting a personalized programme after you’ve returned home. 

We can begin your physiotherapy sessions after three weeks from your surgery date. We recommend booking at least three sessions per week at the beginning to start your recovery. However, you might feel that you need more or less than that amount. 

Everyone’s recovery timeline is unique; some clients will take longer than others to recuperate fully. For this reason, it’s difficult to assess how often you’ll need to attend physiotherapy sessions.


Oftentimes, clients will require at least 1-2 sessions each week for up to 8 weeks, after which they may find that they need less frequent appointments. 


Though the regularity of your sessions can vary, you may need to attend periodic sessions for several months to check your progress.

Many of the exercises that you complete during in-person meetings with your therapist can also be practised at home in your own time. Additionally, you may benefit from implementing the following:


  • Breathing techniques to reduce stress and relax your muscles
  • Using assistance devices like crutches or canes to prevent falls that can hinder your progress
  • Eating a protein and calcium-rich diet to encourage muscle-building and bone health
  • Focusing on proper posture to limit strain on your knee

After your post-op care is complete, you’ll likely be capable of returning to most of your normal activities, provided your therapist is content with your recovery.


In some cases, it may take 12-18 months for you to be well enough to resume high-impact sports or exercises. However, your therapist may recommend you stick to less intense alternatives.

Make a Full Recovery From Knee Replacement Surgery With the Support of Personalized Physiotherapy

Knee replacement surgery affords you a chance to fully reclaim your freedom, relieving you of pain, limited mobility, and weakened muscles. Your post-op physiotherapy treatment is essential to maximize the benefits of this procedure.


By sticking to a rehabilitation programme that’s designed with your needs in mind, you can move forward with your life with the help of one of our physiotherapists.


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