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Have you just had a hip replacement? With an increasingly aging population and the increased incidence of joint-related disorders, hip replacements are becoming more common. 


Signing up for physiotherapy is essential after a hip replacement surgery to restore your strength, function, and range of motion at the right pace without causing yourself further damage down the line.


Book a session with one of our certified physiotherapists, who will support you through your hip rehabilitation, reduce the pain and bring down the swelling. Before you know it, you’ll be back to your former strength.

What Are Hip Replacements?

Surgical replacements of hips are among the most commonly performed procedures worldwide. They’re often carried out because of a type of arthritis called “osteoarthritis,” it can affect a person’s mobility and function by bringing on serious pain and stiffness to them, affecting their overall well-being.


The surgery replacement includes taking out the damaged joint and putting in a prosthetic implant (either metal or plastic) to restore it back to its original function. This can cause incredible discomfort to patients, so it’s important to start your physiotherapy sessions as soon as possible.

What's Involved in Our Hip Replacement Physio Programme?

Once you’ve had your hip replacement surgery, your doctor will run through a couple of exercises you can do at home to start your recovery. While these can be useful, it’s better to get the help of a professional physiotherapy service like Get Right Physio to handle your rehabilitation correctly. 


Before you can start a recovery programme with us, you’ll have to arrange an appointment with one of our therapists so they can see how you’re doing after your surgery and create your recovery plan accordingly.


During the appointment, the therapist will assess your recently replaced hip to measure its function and determine its capacity to move. 


The main goal will be to minimize the discomfort of your replacement through a range of motion through mild exercises on your abductors. These will assist you in restoring your mobility to carry out everyday tasks such as getting out of bed and walking down the street.


The four objectives for your hip or knee physiotherapy will be:


  • Build your muscle strength
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Enhance your balance
  • Get your joints moving the way they used to

Benefits of Doing Hip Replacement Physiotherapy on a Regular Basis

Signing up for physiotherapy after a hip replacement is the only way you’ll recover properly without returning to the hospital for further surgery later in life. Moreover, it also provides the following benefits:

It helps with coping with the incredible pain that comes with hip replacement surgery. The physio plan you’ll follow will include exercises aimed at bringing down the level of discomfort so you can start living life the way you used to.

Your mobility will improve by following the recovery plan’s exercises to better your motion range and enhance your flexibility to get you back to performing your regular movements.

If you happen to suffer from postoperative edema, your physiotherapist will be able to give you some exercises that will assist you in fighting the inflammatory response from the tissue healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Get Right Physio, we believe everyone’s hip recovery journey is different. Some might need a few days to see us after their hip replacement surgery, while others might want to book an appointment immediately.


We can begin your physiotherapy sessions after three weeks from your surgery date. We recommend booking at least three sessions per week at the beginning to start your recovery. However, you might feel that you need more or less than that amount. 

There’s no need to worry if you travel for physio because our physiotherapists are available to come to your location, whether it’s your own home or in the hospital where you got your hip replacement surgery.

We don’t like to put a time limit on our client’s recovery times because we understand everyone is in their own unique situation after a surgery as big as a hip replacement.


Most of our clients recover within three months after their hip replacement surgery as long as they stick to the rehabilitation programme their physiotherapist has provided them with.  Although individual results may vary based on a number of factors including any unforeseen post-surgery complications, intensity of sessions, etc.

You’ll need to perform a range of techniques to help you recover from a hip replacement surgery; some of these you’ll need a professional physiotherapist by your side to carry out, while others you can do alone in your own time in your house or condo, hospital or long-term care facility or retirement home.

Some at-home techniques you can follow include ankle circles, knee extensions, ice baths and many more. Remember that the secret to a healthy recovery is taking a progressive and customized approach from a physiotherapy service company like Get Right Physio.

Start Recovering from your recent hip replacement surgery Today With Get Right Physio

If you or a loved one needs physiotherapy after a hip replacement, Get Right Physio is here to help you every step of the way. Our team is made up of registered physiotherapists, kinesiologists/PTAs, and massage therapists dedicated to getting people like you back on your feet.


We’ll assist you in regaining strength in your hips through a customized treatment plan dedicated to your rehabilitation, allowing you to live your life and move your hips like they were before.


Book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists today to put the plans in place when you get discharged from the hospital after your surgery.

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